Undo by Holly Arsenault
Photo by Siri Elena

By Holly Arsenault
April 2015 – The Theatre School at DePaul University (Studio Production)

We are gathered to witness the divorce of Joe and Rachel Pfeiffer. Family and friends arrive at a Jewish synagogue in Philadelphia to unearth tightly-held secrets and challenge the sanctity of love. Holly Arsenault’s dark comedy envisions a world where the dissolution of a marriage comes only by reliving your most cherished moment…painfully in reverse.

With (in order of appearance):
Zoe Tyson – Rachel (Mendelsohn) Pfeiffer
Wesley Toledo – Joe Pfeiffer
Ben Falk – Child with the Glass
Fiona Garretson – Joan (Wolofsky) Mendelsohn
Brian Healy – Ari Glassman
Sabrina Harms – Naomi Mendelsohn
Sam Haines – Abe Pfeiffer
Madison McLean – Hannah Mendelsohn
Jolie Lepselter – Siobhan Doyle
Briget Diehl – Adine Wolofsky
Lauren Mitchell – Melita Johnson

Lighting Design: Joseph Clavell
Sound Design: Kendall Barron
Stage Manager: Elliot Gross
Asst. Director: Siri Elena

Photo Credits: Siri Elena