The Memo

The Memo by Václav Havel
Photo by Sophie Hartler

The Memo
By Václav Havel, Translated by Paul Wilson
January 2015 – The Theatre School at DePaul University (Studio Production)

In this maddeningly satiric take on political bureaucracy, Andrew Gross finds a memorandum written in a new language, designed to expedite official office communications and create a “scientifically accurate” method of communication. Of course, his quest to find the source of the language leads him in circles until he himself is ousted from his position. The new official language is so ridiculous and difficult to learn, however, that no one can learn nor translate the language, leading to Mr. Gross eventually regaining his managerial position… just in time to witness a new language supplanting the last one.

With (in order of appearance):
Tyler Esselman – Andrew Gross
Maddie Baird – Shelley
Zivon Toplin – Max Balas
Michael Buono – Victor Kubs / Josh
Juwan Lockett – J.V. Brown
LaNora Hayden – Talaura / Student
Craig Ketchum – Syd Kunc / Student
Krystal Ortiz – Ms. Kalous
Elizabeth Hampson – Student
Charles Johnston – Ken Masat
Taylor Blim – Alice

Scenic Design: Camila Devereux
Lighting Design: Brian Suchocki
Sound Design: Tyler Blakeman
Stage Manager: Aiden Kent
Asst. Stage Manager: Erin Collins
Asst. Director: Kara Rodriguez
Technical Director: Sophie Hartler

Photo Credits: Sophie Hartler