LEAR by Young Jean Lee
Regan (Elizabeth Ung), Cordelia (Chloe Mikala), Goneril (Surasree Das). Photo by Britt Olsen-Ecker)

By Young Jean Lee
October 6-29, 2017 – Single Carrot Theatre (Baltimore, MD)

Shakespearean drama meets millennial self-indulgence in this outlandish and driving take on King Lear. Boring, stuffy parents have been left for dead – consigning audiences to the not-so-tender mercies of a younger generation, a mix of heroes and villains indulging their own selfish whims. Despite sharp wits and sharper teeth, these Kardashian-esque kids are comically shallow, callous, and vain: more concerned with dancing and drama than their own doomed parents. But superficial pleasures can only reign for so long before their conscience catches up with them, unearthing ugly secrets, doubts, and fears. Regional premiere.

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Single Carrot Theatre offers vibrant staging of quirky, multi-layered ‘Lear’
“It’s pretty easy to go with the absurdist flow given the natural, nuanced, well-timed performances director Andrew Peters draws from his cast, even in the craziest or most vulgar moments.”
-Tim Smith, The Baltimore Sun

‘Lear’ at Single Carrot Theatre
“Peters guides the cast of five through these mood swings that Lee has effectively drafted into the script, making for a thought-provoking theatrical experience…”
-Amanda N. Gunther, TheatreBloom

Review: ‘Lear’ at Single Carrot Theatre
“Director Andrew Peters’ regional premiere production of ‘Lear’… is an excellent rendition of this challenging play.”
-Patricia Mitchell, DCMetroTheatre Arts

Cast (listed by alphabetical order):
GONERIL:……Surasree Das
EDGAR………..Paul Diem
EDMUND…….Tim German
CORDELIA…..Chloe Mikala
REGAN………..Elizabeth Ung

Production Team:
Director: Andrew Peters
Choreography: Nellie Glover
Violence Design: Jenny Male
Scenic Design: Allison Campbell
Costume Design: Nicki Seibert
Lighting Design: Helen García-Alton
Sound Design: Connor Ciecil
Properties Design: Alisa Glenn
Wig Construction: House of Bankerd
Stage Manager: Kate Lynch
Technical Direction: Kristin Hessenauer
Asst. Director: Mani Yangilmau
Asst. Stage Manager: Cydney Cohn